Release Date︰2020-08-27 │ Publisher︰Shih-Hsien Lin

REBAMP provided a seminar on the experience on Southeast Asia and South Asia (2020/4/28, NCKU hospital)

In recent years, due to economic, political and academic factors, Taiwan's exchanges with countries from Southeast Asia and South Asia have been increasing day by day, and the opportunities for clinical workers to face conflicts with different cultures have gradually increased. But how to adapt to local customs? How to deal with different national conditions or customs? This time, the REBAMP team is honored to invite Dr. Huang Yiwen, who has the versatility of a psychiatrist and the compassionate religious spirit of the pastor. By sharing decades of experience in exchanges with southward countries, especially Cambodia, he integrates into the psychiatric specialty. Domain and religious knowledge, share the differences in culture, diet and beliefs between Taiwan and Nanxiang countries with colleagues in various clinical work areas, and tell and teach when facing cases with completely different cultural backgrounds and people’s feelings. , How to understand and accommodate the differences between each other.

This lecture was the first time that the REBAMP team not only shared educational experience, but also tried to carry out deep cultivation and rooting education in various medical institutions and teams in Taiwan. By inviting all medical institutions and mental health-related technical schools that have a strong willingness to participate in the new southward research policies and activities across the country